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age reversal treatment



What is microcurrent?

It is a low-frequency electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical currents. Microcurrent triggers chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen & elastin, to provide circulatory benefits and to assist in product penetration. The result is firming, smoothing and re-hydration of the skin. This treatment is painless & has no DOWNTIME!


muscle tone improves

fine lines & wrinkles diminish

skin hydrates & revitalizes

smoother, firmer skin

eyebrows & jowls lift

skin pigment improves

promotes lymphatic drainage

circulation of blood cells increase

pore size decreases

acne clears or reduces

collagen production increases

tissue elasticity increases


Microcurrent treatments are important for maintaining a luminous complexion.


Microcurrent facial treatments are one of the fastest growing services in the esthetic anti-aging industry today. No other esthetic service can come close to the proven results! Microcurrent has been proven to show:

  • 500% increase in cellular energy (ATP) to muscle cells leading to increased muscular tone
  • 12% increase in 20 days in natural collagen production to increase hydration and fullness
  • 48% increase in 20 days in natural elastin production
  • 39% increase in 20 days in blood circulation